Child Rights Network in Mexico



It is the union of 63 Mexican civil organizations which develop programs to offer support to Mexican boys, girls and teenagers in a vulnerable situation. These programs operate in fourteen states of the Mexican Republic.

The Network's Constitutive Assembly took place on March 27, 2001. During this reunion the general statutes and strategic lines were accepted. Never the less, it is important to mention that the net´s initial actions were started in 1995, when several organizations began working together, searching for means to spread and promote the rights of the Mexican children.

Along these years, these organizations have been working to promote the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of he Child in the Mexican legal frame, in the design and follow up of public polices related to children, in the promotion of children´s participation spaces, and in the diffusion and training in regard to the children´s rights.

The organizations which make part of the Net for the Childhood Rights in Mexico operate various programs to face specific problems that affect the Mexican children. They are deeply convinced that in order to improve the conditions of this population, it is necessary to strengthen as well as to influence decisions that concern children.

The challenges that the actual situation and conditions impose, have led these organizations to create the Net, with the intention to formalize, fortify and give continuity to the actions that have already been taken in favor of children, plus enlarging and generating new lines of work.

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