• Permanent program for institutional strengthenment.
  • Children´s participation
  • Creation of the Public Policies Agenda in regard to children and their rights
  • Legislation in regard to children´s rights
  • Creation of a favorable opinion current I for children´s rights
  • Analysis and acquaintance workshops

Brief description of the programs and projects

Institutional strengthenment.

Its purpose is to collect systematically and effectively the needs for strengthenment, as well as to create an inventory of the abilities and capacities of all the Net´s organizations. Another of its objectives is to establish an available offers´ database, in order to elaborate group-stengthening strategies, such as:

  • The negotiation of human, material and economical resources
  • The presence and notoriety as a sector
  • The working teams´ professionalization.
  • The leaders´ formation inside the institutions

Children´s participation as an educational and development tool

This project is oriented to create and strengthen experiences and spaces for children´s participation, as a tool to support the educational programs offered by the institutions, and for the practice of the capacity and rights of the children and teenagers to express their opinion and participate, in an organized way, in the decisions that affect them.

The development of methodologies which guard a coherent relation with the programs and priorities built by educators and the institutions´ members - in order to favor the children´s participation processes- , is the fundamental axis of this project.

Creation of a public policies agenda 

This project has the purpose of increasing the capacity of the organizations which are devoted to develop programs for improving the Mexican childrens´ life conditions; and of influencing the public policy agendas that affect the situation of the children in our country

Some fundamental aspects of this project are :

a) The possibility of gathering experiences and of transforming them into quality public policy proposals, in regard to specific topics and problems.

b)The opportunity of structuring plans that will affect the decisions of public polic y in local, national an international scopes.

c) The development of follow-up, control, execution and evaluation strategies and mechanisms of the public policies which may strengthen  the capacity of action of the institutions.

Legislation in regard to children rights 

This project is focused in trying to adequate the actual state and federal legislation in our country in order to make it respond to the principles and rights that were established in the Children Rights International Convention and in other international treaties. the main strategies are the diffusion of the actual legislation, the generation of proposals that may strengthen it, the creation of methods for influencing other social and political sectors and the monitoring of the reached goals. The project also depends in the social and childhood participation.

Creation of a favorable opinion current for children rights

This is an educational communication project which seeks to enrich the social education and knowledge concerning to children´s rights and their situation. It has also the purpose to promote the exchange and generation  of experiences and understanding in this field, to increase the notoriety of  the civil society´s programs in this matter and to create a social basis which may be able to answer to initiatives in favor of childhood. The section Childhood´s Rights in Mexico is part of this project.

Analysis and acquaintance workshops

This project was created for increasing our knowledge about childhood, its rights and concrete topics, as well as for understanding the public policies´ and the specific programs´ impact on this population, in order to make possible to establish new proposals that will improve their life  conditions.

This project is also perceived as a central strategy for improving the  capacities of the institutions´ educative and executive personal, so that it will have better theoretical and methodological tools that will fortify their  political and educative incidence.

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